Programas Internacionales



IDEA de Oriente offers basic, intermediate and advanced Spanish. Our approach to Spanish language teaching is one of living and learning. Time is spent in the classroom, but also out in the city practicing what is taught. Tours to various business establishments, trips to museums, government offices and cultural areas are all part of the required course content. Groups are kept small in order to provide the best possible environment for learning.

We welcome professors from other universities as directors and/or teachers in individualized programs as well, but in our own programs, we only use native Spanish speakers for ours Spanish classes.

The campus is a Spanish speaking campus and, although several professors can speak English, there are no content classes conducted in the English language as part of the regular curriculum.


The Instituto de Estudios Avanzados de Oriente is accredited by the SEP (Secretaría de Educación Pública) in Mexico. For foreing students not enrolled as matriculating students a setter from IDEA de Oriente stating grades obtained in their classes will be issued in lieu of a transcript. This letter will be sent to the participant´s school and will be the only record of participation. No duplicate letters can be issued at a later date.


The Instituto de Estudios Avanzados (IDEA) de Oriente, with over 500 full time students, was founded in 1991 by a group of professors interested in bringing quality, reasonably priced education to the Orizaba, Veracruz area. Employing a highly innovative curriculum, the college requires students to attend year-long, thus receiving the diploma (Licenciatura) in only 3 years time. Approved by the SEP (Secretaría de Educación Pública) en 1993, the Institute offers 6 majors:

• Tourism

• Law

• Administration

• Accountacy

• Informatics

• International Business


The Instituto de Estudios Aanzados de Oriente is located in the tropical state of Veracruz, in a mountainous valley lush with green vegetation and flowering plants. IDEA is located in the historical center of Orizaba making easy access to all the city sites.

Although Orizaba is located on the highway connecting Mexico City with the port of Veracruz, the area is not widely known by tourists or foreiners, thus providing an ideal setting for the serious student of the Spanish language and Mexican culture.


IDEA de Oriente is able and willing to offer various types of program for foreign students:

• January Programs

• Summer Session Spanish beginning in May, June, or July

• Semester Programs

• Space for Directed Programs

• Short Seminars

• Business Seminars

• Short-Term Programs

We prefer small programs with a maximum of 20 students. There will not be more than 20 foreign students on campus at any given time, although there may be more than one program.

Homestays with IDEA students are available or private, hotel arrangements are also available.